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Strength training designed to help you reach your goals

Building  strong  &  confident 
women one rep at a time


Not sure where to start?

Get access to BACK TO BASICS now, for FREE!
All you need to build strength and get back into a workout rhythm... without the fluff!
This six-week program contains all you need to start seeing the results you've dreamed of!
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You've tried it all but...


Health culture has you confused about how to workout and what to eat


You are tired of making up your own workouts and want a plan to follow


You are disappointed by the lack of progress and inconsistent results


30-45 minutes on the treadmill is not fun and it's not getting you to your desired results


You feel like you have "hit a wall" in the gym and don't know what to do to enjoy it again

"Put all excuses aside and remember this:

-Zig Ziglar


My name is Kelsey Quinn. I am a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. In my own journey, I grew tired of trying to wade through all the health tips and tricks when everyone says something different! I began to ask the question... 


"How can I enjoy training while feeling and seeing my desired results!?" 

I discovered that one's health journey is more straightforward and attainable than social media makes it appear. It does not take complicated workouts, bland meals, or never going out with friends, it only takes two things... commitment and consistency.

If you haven't been seeing or maintaining the results you desire, the secret ingredient to success is a great coach. If you're willing to be committed to the process and consistent with the program, I'm confident I can help you reach and maintain your goals!


You probably don't need to "work harder" or buy into the latest health fad; you just need to master the basics.

Start your journey today with the
Back to Basics: Fat Loss Guide!

You're trying too hard...


Time to start your journey!

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Train from anywhere! Online 1-on-1 training. You'll get amazing personalized workouts, nutritional advice tailored specifically towards your goals, plus the long-term mentality needed to keep crushing it in the gym.
What's Included
100% Personalized workout plan
100% Personalized nutrition guide
Training app

Tutorial videos
Daily access to coach 

What's Needed
Full gym
Downloadable PDF with everything you need to get started making the most of everything you eat - without sacrificing the chips and salsa!
Local to Charleston?
In-Person Training
What's Included
100% Personalized workout plan
1-on-1 Coaching
Nutrition (Macros) Guide

Full Gym Access
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