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Helping frustrated women lose body fat while building sustainable healthy behaviors so they can ditch yo-yo dieting for good...

and having fun all the way!


A nutrition and fitness approach that doesn't rely on salads, juice cleanses, or cardio to lose weight. Instead, take small, actionable steps that are backed by science to help you feel better, achieve your goals, and not loathe the process... let's get started!

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You've tried it all...

You've bought the 12-week programs, taken the HIIT classes, and fallen into the latest trend, but you're still longing for results that last!

You hate the process...

You don't enjoy your current workouts and diet and are unsure of what to do instead confidently.

You're embarrassed...

You do a lot of cardio, high rep, and low resistance strength training, but it's hard to tell that you work out.

You're jaded...

Diet culture has left you confused about what guidelines or fad diets to follow to hit your goals.

 Take a breath. You're not the problem here.

 Rapid weight loss is.

 let's change the narrative!


"I'm 33 lbs down, and who knows how many inches!


This is NOT starving myself, avoiding going out with friends, or working out every day of the week. This IS weight training, meal planning/macro counting, consistency, enjoying meals with friends, and retraining my mind about food. I'm so pumped about my progress and can't wait to see where I am next year!"

 Emily S.

WHY you've not been successful while trying really hard...


 Muscle vs. fat loss:

Rapid weight loss focuses on shedding pounds quickly, often at the expense of muscle mass. Leading to decreased metabolism and an increased likelihood of regaining weight.

 Nutrient deficiency:

Crash diets and extreme restrictions, paired with intense workouts or cardio, often lack the essential nutrients your body needs. While the numbers on the scale may drop, your long-term results may be compromised.

 Metabolic slowdown:

Drastic calorie reductions can signal to your body that resources are scarce, prompting it to slow your metabolism to conserve energy. This can make it even harder to maintain weight loss in the long run.


Success is the sum of small efforts—

repeated day-in and day-out.

 - Robert Collier


"When I first started with Kelsey, I was in an unhealthy mindset. I was maximizing my calorie deficit, had horrible self image, and lacked nutritional and fitness knowledge. Kelsey empowered me to overcome my previous mindset and showed me ways to eat healthy while still loving my food. She provided me with a progression of workouts that taught me more about my body and made me stronger. I now feel happy, healthy, and actually love the body that I am in." 

 Ally g.

What if I told you...

You can consistently lose fat while eating and enjoying great food!

You can feel strong, lift weights, and perform less intense cardio.

You can build habits one at a time that create lasting behavior change, ditching the roller coaster for good.

You can be an example for the rest of your family!

You can make a change!

You can be proud of yourself!

"Before doing the program, I had consistently bad habits. For example, not eating breakfast, not walking daily, and barely eating. I feel that coming out of this program; I have clarity on how much I should be eating and moving and how this affects my body. The positive habits I learned after six months will direct me toward a healthier lifestyle throughout the rest of my life!"

 Caitlon H.

"I love this program! Flexible but challenging. Finally, I understand what my body needs regarding protein, calories, etc. Realizing I don't have to starve myself or miss out on fun foods/drinks."

 Heather H.

This can be your story too!

What can you expect?

 Personal coaching 

Weight and nutrition training tailored to your specific needs, and desires

 6-month plan 

If you want to see change last, you must do it sustainably, slowly, and strategically. If not, it'll all come right back. We are going to build better habits that will last a lifetime.

 Trainerize App 

A one-stop shop for workouts, nutrition, and communication. This free app will be the training hub for all we do.

What are clients saying?

"I just thought you should know... I’m officially down 20.8 lbs since I first started with you!! I don’t think I could have gotten here without you and I’m excited to keep pushing through! You’re amazing and I appreciate you."
 Johnna W.
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